Q: Do I need planning permission ?

A: The council will tell you that you need a minimum of a that described as permitted development otherwise known as a lawful development certificate (LDC) or a planning application. All of these need professional drawings submitted to your local authority.

Q: Can you complete my building regulations ?

A: Yes, if we have dealt with your LDC or planning application we can submit your draft Building Regulations to have them conditionally approved.

Q: Can you get us a good builder ?

A: Yes we have an approved list of Tendering Contractors and our link to checker trade will help you to choose another local builder. We can advise you which ones not to avoid.

Q: Will you do the engineering details and calculations?

A: We will do the details and an engineer will do the calculations.

Q: Do you offer a free consultation* ?

A: Yes, * we offer this service to enable you to instruct us to start a measurement survey.

Q: What is a measurement survey?

A: This is a detailed computer-aided survey of your existing property.

Q: When can we do the design?

A: Once you have the CAD template drawing of your building, we can start the design brainstorm meeting.

Q: When do we pay you?

A: You pay us at the completed end of each stage.

Q: Can you convert our loft and extend our home?

A: Yes, we do this all the time.

Q: Can you prepare our building regulations, tendering & specifications?

A: Yes, once we have completed planning and building regulations we can then start your specification.

Q: Will you check our builder’s work?

A: Yes, if you instruct us to inspect your building during the construction stage.

Q: Which contract should be used?

A: We recommend that you only use a JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) home-owners contract or JCT minor works contract for larger-scale projects.

Q: Can you deal with our neighbours party wall?

A: Yes, we can deal with both of your neighbours in accordance with the party wall act 1996.

Q: What is the next stage?

A: We will book an appointment for you with the architect to come and visit your home/ projects to give you free advice on how you should proceed.

Q: How long does it take?

A: The measurement survey will take one week. Once we have your approved design input into our computers, we will then take this to the council for their pre-
application approval. The planning application takes approximately 8 weeks for the council’s decision. However, to include planning permission, building regulations and specifications, in order for your builder to price the works, you ought to leave 6 months approximate time.

Q: Have you got a reference list?

Yes, please contact us for a list of clients with whom we have successfully completed their projects. Alternatively, contact Just click on our work in Richmond Borough Council for our client direct references.

Q: Do you participate in architect’s week?

A: Yes, a charity donation fee is charged for advice during this period.

Q: What are the stages in simple terms?

A: 1. Measurement survey. 2. Client design meeting 3. Client approval and pre-application to council 4. Planning approval 5. Building regulations approval 6. Tender and builder’s pricing. 7. Project build start. 8. Project completion

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*Subject to conditions : The Initial Consultation Fee of £60 is Refundable to all projects subject to your project location. For non-local projects, the area & the mileage is chargeable at the architects own personal discretion. This deposit is returned to the client upon receipt of instructions to proceed to the next stage measurement survey for computer aided design (CAD) input of for your existing Building.